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Sainsburys: a basket case of advertising

Sainsburys – on the somewhat aptly named Dog Kennel Hill – has recently implemented third party advertising on its baskets and trolleys and it’s making me anxious.

What’s upsetting is that I feel like I’m being treated like an idiot, which in turn is making me wonder if the management team actually understands what Sainsburys means to me, and what my in-store experience is actually about. What will this mean in the long run? What is it going to do to one of my more simple pleasures in life?

Whilst some might say in our increasingly ad-splattered spaces, it is only to be expected, I can’t help but think – oh! but at what expense?

By the very nature of my work, I recognise I am a somewhat conscious consumer, but in all honesty, I was immediately agitated last week to see that Sainsburys might soon be subjecting me to carrying around advertising for some brand I don’t use, nor have a care to.

Today, after a desperate search for an unmarked basket, I realise I am given no choice but to accept either Warburtons or Visa. Given my already highly sensitive disposition and subsequent wheat intolerance, I opted reluctantly for the latter only to find the credit card firm is also peering up at me from inside my shopping basket.

What’s worse though – is that everywhere else I look – I keep seeing my biggest fear: whilst it might be harmless wholesome Warburtons to you – to me it’s gut flora gone wrong, abdominal pain, cramps and bloating.

Quite frankly, it’s terrifying.

The result? I didn’t enjoy my shopping experience, sought to leave there as quickly possible, and certainly didn’t linger to see whether any new brands, ideas, packaging or some such other treats might have appeared on the Sainsburys shelves.

@sainsburys may I kindly ask you to reconsider – or perhaps we could collaborate in trying to discover a smarter long-term revenue generating solution which also enhances the value of your brand?