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Social media data: consumers and businesses

Forrester has done research involving over 35,000 respondents (consumers) and 1200 businesses to understand our technological behaviour.

Consumer and business profiling tool also available here


Charities could dance the Paso Doble in the Strictly Branding Ballroom

When it comes to social media, one of the key concerns facing corporations is whether their employees live their brand values both on and off the playing field, and it is my contention that most charities have staff that not only walk the walk but could probably dance a pretty darn passionate Pasodoble on the Strictly Ballroom dance floor!
Put another way – it’s highly probable that there are a few things that corporates could learn from charities too.
However, it could beg the question: how many charity staff would be potential ‘stars’ with high emotional buy-in and high knowledge about what the charity needs to do to achieve its objectives, or how many would fall into the ‘loose cannon’ segment?